Coconut Oil for Hair – Do It Yourself!

Price of coconut oil isn’t too high, so it may seem pointless to make it yourself. However, finances on the side, why shouldn’t you try your skills in oil pressing for fun or to have unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, which quality you can be sure of?

Let us introduce to you two ways of home-made extraction of coconut oil. You should keep it at the back of your head that, home-made coconut oil will never look identical as the one pressed mechanically. However it will be similar and will have the same properties.

First way of making your own coconut oil for hair is extraction from desiccated coconut available in every grocery shop. You can of course, use fresh coconut, but it is harder to get one. Despite of affordable price of unrefined coconut oil, home-made method is cheaper. For a packet of desiccated coconut we will pay much less and we will extract from them about 0.34 Oz. of pure coconut oil.

How to make coconut oil for hair from desiccated coconut?

1. Blend packet of desiccated coconut to as fine form as possible (liquid consistency).
2. If desiccated coconut is too dry then, during blending add some water to them.
3. Acquired coconut paste press thoroughly with press or gauze.
4. If you added water to oil then gather it from its surface.
5. Put oil in an airtight jar.

Another way to acquire home-made coconut oil is to extract it from coconut milk. We can buy coconut milk in every bigger grocery shop. It will be a bit more expensive than desiccated coconut and you can wonder about sense of making coconut oil at this point, but if you’re curious about this method then try it.

How to make coconut oil from coconut milk?

1. Heat coconut oil on the pan or a wide pot for about 30 minutes.
2. After this time, milk will start congeal, and will start to precipitate fractions of oil, which has to be gathered.
3. You should always remember, that temperature has to be optimal, so the milk won’t burn.
4. Precipitated oil has to be gathered and then filtered through rose or a gauze.
5. Place oil in an airtight jar.