Proven Ways on Coconut Oil on Hair

Coconut oil was used in hair care for ages – for a long time now is known and liked in the equatorial regions. However, currently it is more and more willingly used in other parts of the world, particularly for hair care. If you wonder, how to use coconut oil for hair care, then read this article.


Oil treatment is very popular hair care method. It has many qualities – especially if we know what to choose for oil treatment. Firstly, oil treatment is absolutely safe. You cannot damage hair with e.g. coconut oil. Secondly, oil treatment is cheap. For example, price of coconut oil is about few pounds for 17 Oz., that is truly cheap. Thirdly, oil treatment is a natural method, which really works. Opinions about coconut oil indicate that it is best method for moisture, nourishment, elasticity and hair regeneration. Oil treatment can be performed on three ways.

1. Oil treatment on dry hair – at least an hour before hair wash, apply coconut oil on hair; about a tea spoon of coconut oil place on hand, and after it melts rub in the scalp and hair on their entire length; after an hour rinse oil and wash thoroughly hair.

2. Oil treatment on wet hair – coconut oil works great when its applied on wet hair (after hair wash or before hair wash, but on wet hair); in this case you should pay attention to how much of coconut oil you apply, because too large amount can make hair greasy; after 15 minutes rinse oil with warm water.

3. Hot oil treatment – the least popular, though most effective is oil treatment with hot oil; heat unrefined coconut oil in a water bath and then apply it on dry or wet hair; applied on head oil, protect with a towel and additionally heat it with hot air from blow-dryer; after 15 minutes rinse it.


Use of coconut oil does not have to be limited to oil treatment. Its properties makes it great as a protective serum for hair ends. It moisturises, nourishes and regenerates, prevents water loss and at the same time is very light. No wonder that coconut oil has only positive opinions and is recommended for protection of hair ends.


When we read informations about coconut oil for hair care, we can notice that it is a cosmetic great not only in hair care, but also as a stylisation product. Properties of coconut oil are multidimensional – smoother hair, eliminate electrifying and frizzing and add volume. The most important is that coconut oil makes hair more liable to stylisation.