Hair Cosmetics with Coconut Oil (DIY)

One of the most popular hair care oils is coconut oil, and more precisely coconut butter (it is one of those cosmetics, which have solid consistency). We love it for its scent, formula, and most of all rich properties of coconut oil, especially on hair. That is what we are going to discuss today, by introducing the most popular ideas for hair cosmetic with coconut oil.

Coconut oil is great – strengthens better than any strong conditioner or hair mask. It is perfect for hair care of dry, brittle hair prone to hair loss and difficult in maintains. Use of coconut oil has no limitations if we know which coconut oil to buy. Before we decide on any coconut oil, we should read some opinions on the Internet.

Oil conditioner for hair

The easiest idea for a cosmetic with coconut oil is a home-made oil conditioner. Price of coconut oil isn’t high, and it is really efficient, so such conditioner won’t be expensive, will be effective and will last for a long time. How to make oil conditioner? Cold pressed unrefined coconut oil mix with Argan oil or linseed oil in proportions 3:1 (e.g. 3 table spoons of coconut oil on 1 table spoon of the other oil). Created this way conditioner apply on hair always, at least 15 minutes before hair wash.

Enriched strengthening hair mask

More nourishing hair mask with coconut oil is also nothing difficult. Base for hair mask should be conditioner from the previous point. The difference is that we enrich it with egg yolk and 1 table spoon of raw honey. We apply this mix with coconut oil on hair for an hour before hair wash, and remember about making hair a bit wet. You can cover hair with warm towel.

Serum for split ends

Oil treatment and conditioning with coconut oil is not the only thing we can do. Coconut oil has protective and regenerative properties, so it is great for hair ends. How to make serum with coconut oil for hair? Three table spoons of coconut oil mix with vegetable silicon or gel extract from sea algae. We can also use hyaluronic acid or hydrolysed silk – depends on which is easier to acquire. We will get those ingredients, where it is the easiest to get good quality coconut oil, i.e. online. Small amount of serum apply on dry ends, you don’t have to rinse it.