Coconut Oil in Hair Care - Questions and Answers

Popularity of coconut oil gets greater year by year, that is why we can find more informations about it online. In the large amount of more or less solid sources, it is very difficult to find a clue of hair care with coconut oil. Because of it, we decided to prepare compendium of knowledge about this oil to avoid understatements and to dispel any doubt.

Which oil should you choose - refined or unrefined?

Much better product for hair will be unrefined coconut oil. Refined oil is deprived of many precious ingredients, so it is not as valuable. Unrefined coconut oil is definitely better for hair.

Where to buy coconut oil?

Many women buy coconut oil in a health food stores, but you shouldn't supply yourself there with hair products. Despite of popular opinion, food oils are very different from the cosmetic oils - they have less rich composition and have worse quality. It is best to buy coconut oil in the pharmacy, shops and online. You should always remember about checking opinion on the coconut oil, which is sold by the given shop to avoid a scam.

How to use coconut oil?

Use of coconut oil does not need knowing some secret method. Coconut oil is applied on hair just like any other oil with this difference, that it has to be first slightly melted in hands. It doesn't weight down or grease hair, so it can be easily used on the entire length of hair. Many informations about the use of coconut oil can be found on various forums.

How much does coconut oil cost?

It is among those cheaper oils. Price of coconut oil is relatively low in comparison to other oils with similar properties, e.g. Argan oil. For a good quality unrefined coconut oil you will pay about ten pounds for large size of jar. It all depends on where will we buy coconut oil.

What are the properties of coconut oil?

It is recommended to use coconut oil on low porosity hair and medium porosity hair, because its main task is to restore hair cells, moisturise and most of all protect hair fibres against protein loss. Besides all of that, coconut oil strengthens hair roots, prevents split ends and improves curl.

If not coconut oil, then what to use on hair? Argan alternative by Nanoil

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Which brands’ coconut oil to choose for hair care?

Hair care requires proper preparation, not only substantive, because we have to know how to take care of them, but we also have to know what tools or cosmetic to use. Great in hair care is coconut oil for hair, which is rich in its composition, effectiveness and availability. Unrefined coconut oil is rich in fatty acids (91% of saturated and two unsaturated – Omega-9 …

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