If not coconut oil, then what to use on hair? Argan alternative by Nanoil

Has coconut oil turned your hair into frizzy out-of-control flyaways? It happens quite frequently. Coconut oil is cut out for skin care but unfortunately it doesn’t work for many hair types. You can either mix it with other ingredients to eliminate frizz or go for an alternative and say no to half-measures. Argan oil makes a perfect choice for hair having medium and high porosity but even low porosity, limp and greasy hair will make a good match with it. Looking for the best argan oil? The one launched by Nanoil is second to none.

Coconut oil. Why it’s not good for everyone?

Coconut oil is an unusual oil which works for everybody yet only when it comes to skin care. Not every hair type likes it. Its exceptionality results from its structure and fatty acid molecules that make up the oil. Coconut oil has a high concentration of saturated lauric acid. Also, its structure is similar to the structure of proteins making up the hair stem. That’s why it works for low porosity, thick, heavy hair giving back its volume and shine. Too bad, the tiny molecules don’t go with other types of hair porosity. Thin, normal or damaged hair, dry ends: these are the problems that coconut oil isn’t going to fix… If that’s what your hair’s like, use coconut oil for body care and search for a different hair oil, having different set of fatty acids. What’s the best replacement for coconut oil?

Argan oil. How come it is so perfect?!

Without doubts, the secret is argan oil‘s ingredients and perfect balance of unsaturated fatty acids which make it suitable for all hair types. Even low porosity, easily weighed-down hair likes gold liquid of Morocco (provided that you don’t overuse it). Argan oil houses dozens of substances having amazing effect on health, appearance and growth of hair, as well as on skin (body, face), nails, lashes and eyebrows. So far scientists have discovered approx. 100 active ingredients in argan oil and they have a powerful beautifying and repairing effect. That’s what makes it world’s most wanted oil.

The best argan oil, Nanoil

Argan oil is produced globally whereas Morocco is a definite leader. The richest and healthiest Argan nuts are found there. Their flesh conceals pure oil that must be carefully extracted to get a beauty product with no flaws. Nanoil Argan Oil fulfils these requirements. It does even more. Nanoil is cold-pressed, organic and unrefined so that what you receive is the best argan oil that can be. Nanoil Argan Oil is 100% pure, free from cheap additives, other oils or parabens. The extraction process is under strict control just like the regions where Argan trees grow. That’s the very reason why this argan oil in a gorgeous vial can boast about the Ecocert seal.

Nanoil Argan Oil: action, results

What is argan oil going to give you? Above all, beautiful hair. This oil doesn’t compromise. Impossible doesn’t exist for argan oil. Having said that, we don’t feel like it’s exaggeration. Dull, weak, thinning, not growing, unruly, frizzy, unmanageable, splitting, lacking shine and vitality? There’s one remedy for each of the problems: Nanoil Argan Oil. Regular use of argan oil lets us tackle all typical hair problems, holds back thinning, and encourages hair growth because of being suitable for application to scalp. The effect you get is luminous, strong, healthy hair. Surprisingly, hair care isn’t the only field that argan oil specializes in. Use it for all body parts, face skin, to condition the eyebrows and eyelashes, make beauty products at home, masks, scrubs, combine it with essential oils, fight with cellulite and stretch marks. This oil has lots of properties and excellent beauty benefits.

Nanoil Argan Oil, reviews

Nanoil Argan Oil gets highest opinions online. Women like to recommend it to each other. Answering the question ‘which oil you’d recommend to your friend’, 95% of respondents say Nanoil Argan Oil. This oil’s price is fair when you consider its quality. The variety of uses makes you desperately wanna have it in your bathroom. Nanoil Argan Oil has a lovely design so it’s also a brilliant idea for a gift and it looks great on your dressing table (it’s pointed out by aesthetes).

Where to buy Nanoil 100% Argan Oil?

Interested in getting the best quality argan oil? Wanna discover more of its uses? Go to nanoil.us/argan-oil